Across America

These are evidence we're here. There's beauty - some times stark and sometimes not - everywhere you look.

inner harbor, night sail, black and white art, lake michigan, milwaukee harbor, clouds and sun, lake view
Ferris wheel, seattle, reflection, black and white, abstract art
golden gate bridge, black and white, san francisco, baghdad by the bay, downtown
San Diego, harbor, reflection, abstract, san diego art
seattle, child, lost shoe, pensive, lost in seattle, black and white
Monona Terrace, Madison WI, Frank Lloyd Wright design, Lake Monona, Monona sunrise, color art
Yesler Way, Seattle, Steam plant, seattle sunset, golden glow
St. Francis mission, south dakota, rosebud reservation, catholic church, sun in haze, film, snow
Kachinas, store window, hopi kachinas, trading post, arizona, arizona kachinas
seattle street art, john henry, sculpture, black and white, street light, abstract
agave, arizona, southwest, black and white, shadows