Blog: Back To MasterLube August 2022

August 2022  |  Billings, Montana

I'm in Billings, Montana at MasterLube this week. I'm documenting the hopes and growth plans and actions in the lives of the MasterLube team.

MasterLube is a company that focuses on the dreams and possibilities of its employees. In their own words:

“Masterlube employees are future entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, mothers, fathers, and community leaders. Our personal development programs provide insight and life skills every employee needs to discover and live his or her best lif

This will be my second visit in four weeks and the continuation of a story and a relationship that began for me in the 1990s. It’s an amazing company.

The enthusiastic reaction of the team members is very positive – the opposite of what the Wall Street Journal this week called “silent quitting.”

The ML way of being - to fulfill their mission to radically improve the lives of their team members - begins with a culture that focuses on the customer experience in a way that inherently doesn't allow for less than their best.

Team members begin to realize that this may be a place where their hard work will pay off and where there is mutual trust that both leaders and team members share.

ML leaders know that changing oil isn't a career path. Through their structured programs, first, they teach their customer service process. For many team members this is their first encounter with seeing the positive impact of providing great service.

Then, every individual is coached and encouraged to plan for their future. Connections and plans are made. The team leader meets regularly with each team member to discuss their plans and their progress.

I’ll keep you posted.

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