People: Environmental

Great portraits are a collaboration based on a space for reflection and the freedom to explore ideas. These are moments of reality that portray who the person is, as well as who they might be. I'm a partner in finding insight.

casual portrait, looking around corner, eyes and forehead, portrait, holbert
Antonio Patterson, glass
young man starting away from viewer in many mirrors
uncertain portrait, strong gaze, outdoor, black and white, glasses, mustache
aggressive portrait, outdoors, shadows, challenging
sam washer
fireman, after the fire, sweating fireman, fireman portrait, black and white, striking portrait
Billings, Masterlube, jospeh wegenmen, pit
Oran Stainbrook, los angeles actor, hoodie, blue eyes, environmental portrait, challenging
Dublin, Ireland, Reflections, Trinity College, bike, man on the bike, outthewindow
B&W, Dublin, Ireland, Trinity College, Trinity College Ireland* cricket, man on the bench
Ireland, stephens green
St Stephen Green, Religious statue, homeless, sleeper, ireland, dublin
Kodachrome original, Tokyo, airport, outthewindow
Tom Ferderbar, shed, environmental portrait, daylight, black and white, film
Elderly Irishman, cane, grafton street, dublin, ireland, black and white, walking away, view from behind
David Bradberry, actor, truck driver, window, old truck, environmental portrait
George Lawton
Yellow chair
Milwaukee, black man, glass, street composite, walking, woman in window
Billings, Masterlube, Nicolas Walker, pit
Sympathetic glancing portrait, outdoor, tree, black and white, pensive, unsettled portrait