Blog: Exhibit Announcement May 5 2023

Reception Friday May 5, 6-8pm.
Ryniker-Morrison Gallery

Rocky Mountain College - Technology Hall
1511 Poly Drive
Billings, Montana
Free Admission

Light refreshments will be served
Short program at 7pm

It’s a great privilege to have been able to meet the people of MasterLube in Billings over the past year. A transformative company dedicated to helping change lives for its employees is the subject of this photographic story. The company has been at it for forty years.

The basic premise upon which the company was founded forty years ago is to provide every person the chance to discover and achieve their goals and, with coaching and support provided by the company, to launch themselves into their next career step.

I’ve been inspired by the work of Lewis Hine, especially in his “Men at Work” photographic essays of the early 1930’s.

In an often-quoted statement, Hine said:

“There are two things I wanted to do. I wanted to show the things that had to be corrected and I wanted to show the things that had to be appreciated.”

My hope is that this work touches lightly on the latter.

I make images to look more closely – at human change, growth, struggle, and glory. At times these are environmental, tying people to place and activity.

Other times portraits discover, explore, and reveal. Photographic ambiguity –incompleteness – is an important goal for my work in the hope that it brings the reader more deeply into the narrative. My aspirational goal is unscripted, momentary, and revealing.

Each viewer ultimately decides what is there and if the images speak for themselves.

Billings, Masterlube
Billings, Masterlube, jessica o'neill
Billings, Masterlube, jospeh wegenmen, pit
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adrian brown
Billings, Masterlube
Billings, Masterlube
Billings, Masterlube, Nicolas Walker, pit
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