These occasional posts are updates on projects I'm working on.

Changing Lives in Montana

Seamus Heaney once remarked that “the poet is on the side of undeceiving the world.” So too the documentary photographer. Images should speak for themselves, and yet context is sometimes needed to inform the viewer with the documentarian’s starting point of view...

Working Hands in Montana
September 2022  |  Billings, Montana

Hands reveal the working of the heart.  Look to see the dedication to the work. 

Summer 1981  |  Quito, Ecuador

Street magician. Quito, Ecuador Summer 1981. Why make images? If it is the expectation that an audience will care, it may be trying to sing softly into a 40mph blizzard hoping to be heard. Can it be only for the telling itself?

Studio Experience - Jay Maul
2022  |  Milwaukee Studio

I didn't understand what a great portrait photographer was until I worked with Tim.

I did one session at his studio, on the recommendation of a friend who thought I should capture my 2-year-long pandemic hair before a healthy trim...

Commercial Portraits on Assignment

Many people sitting for a business portrait are a bit nervous . I always build quickly toward a relaxing experience that loosens people up and helps them feel comfortable. Rapport is everything.

I'm a believer in giving each person the opportunity to relax and reveal their best self...

The Actors Portrait Experience

Matt was a firefighter. He'd made a schedule to come to the studio and I'd asked him when he did and found he was a fireman. Just getting him to gear up changed his demeanor. Suddenly, there was a moment as he recalled his last fire call and the focus and dedication was right there in his eyes...

New Mexico April 2022
April 2022  |  New Mexico

I was in New Mexico in April, both in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Like so many places in America, the localized rich culture and history are striking, especially in the early morning light.