Blog (Portraits)

These occasional posts are updates on projects I'm working on.

Studio Experience - Jay Maul
2022  |  Milwaukee Studio

I didn't understand what a great portrait photographer was until I worked with Tim.

I did one session at his studio, on the recommendation of a friend who thought I should capture my 2-year-long pandemic hair before a healthy trim...

Commercial Portraits on Assignment

Many people sitting for a business portrait are a bit nervous . I always build quickly toward a relaxing experience that loosens people up and helps them feel comfortable. Rapport is everything.

I'm a believer in giving each person the opportunity to relax and reveal their best self...

The Actors Portrait Experience

Matt was a firefighter. He'd made a schedule to come to the studio and I'd asked him when he did and found he was a fireman. Just getting him to gear up changed his demeanor. Suddenly, there was a moment as he recalled his last fire call and the focus and dedication was right there in his eyes...