Blog: On The Way ... To Somewhere Else: MasterLube

September 2022  |  Billings, Montana

I have been thinking about how to piece together the MasterLube story that conveys its uniqueness.

In Billings last week, I met Joe Thomas. He is a big part of the MasterLube Story, having been a coach to the MasterLube team for many years. Two things from our hours of conversation have bubbled to the top. In talking about the founder and visionary of MasterLube, he said, " Bill Simmons, doesn't think of people vertically- up and down - only horizontally." That may be the essence and DNA of MasterLube.

joe thomas, consultant

As we chatted about how to tell this story, he had sage advice. "Everything starts out simplistically until you see the challenge and then it becomes complex. As you work, it will become simple again." I think I'm still climbing the curve!

The way of working that MasterLube works toward is a richer life for its team members as they move through their work experience and on to their life goals. Mandy Kaczmarek, RN has been a pediatric nurse since leaving MasterLube.

So, what's the vision here? Everyone is on the way to somewhere else. The focus of the team is providing the environment, trust, respect and support that help each other grow. They plan for everyone to be "temporary" and move on to their own vision of a fulfilling life.

In the meantime, there is a relentless focus on customer service and team support in a hot, tiring environment. Every customer is welcomed - within 6 seconds of arriving - and there's no upselling.

There's a lot more here. It's busy. It also vibrates with goodwill.

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