Blog: Commercial Portraits On Assignment


Many people sitting for a business portrait are a bit nervous . I always build quickly toward a relaxing experience that loosens people up and helps them feel comfortable. Rapport is everything.

I'm a believer in giving each person the opportunity to relax and reveal their best self. The viewer ought to be able to get a first impression (a "blink") that's reinforcing of how they would like to be seen. This on location executive portrait does that. It's a genuine presentation that is welcoming, in a style that's clean and uncluttered.

In a successful session there are unplanned moments that the person likes best. I captured this reflective moment intentionally during a brief interlude and a casual discussion.

The positivity and assurance in this image is reinforced by the simplicity and shadow of the lighting.

Confidence and openness in another in between moment.

This more casual environmental portrait is natural light in the woods.

African American actress, dignified, bemused, black and white, glancing away

Each of these professional portraits is a collaboration between me and the sitter. It's a privilege to help people present their authentic self to their audience.

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