People On The Streets

Every one of these is some version of serendipity. I take these carefully to see what I might find later.

White Hats
reflection, man in chair, free people, scottsdale, arizona
ginza, tokyo, crossing street, japan, delivery turck
Yellow chair
Boston, dachshund, hurdy gurdy player, street musician, black and white
calatrava, art museum, milwaukee, wheelchair, reflection, winter day, minimal photo
Grafton Street
Take me to church, wheelchair, churchgoer, statue, tucson church, man and wife, street photography
michigan avenue chicago, chicago, man crossing chicago river bridge, commuter
castro street, san francisco, castro, bus, bus driver, california , green bus
seattle street scene photograph, color abstract, 7th and seneca, fine art photography, reflection, seattle reflection
milwaukee, third ward, cuervo, sculpture, abandoned, patio, old garden, street art
Self portrait with parking meter