Photographers I admire

Here are links to several photographers whose work I admire.

George DeWolfe has been a photographer since 1964. In the 1970’s he studied with both Ansel Adams and Minor White, and later studied Perception with Dr. Richard Zakia. He holds an MFA in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and his publishing credits include: At Home in the Wild, Digital Photography Fine Print Workshop, a book on New Hampshire’s White Mountains, and most recently, B&W Printing. George was also a Senior Editor for eighteen years at View Camera and Camera Arts

Tom Ferderbar studied with renowned landscape photographer Ansel Adams in 1958 at his Yosemite National Park workshop in 1980. He's been a fine art photographer for many years.

Greg Gorman is the famed Los Angeles based portrait photographer to the stars, a gracious and giving teacher, and mentor to many aspiring portraitists. His iconic image, of Andy Warhol, in sunglasses, is perhaps one of his best known works.

Greg Heisler is best known for his cover portraits for Time magazine (more than 70 at last count) including Bill Clinton, Bruce Springsteen, Liam Neeson, Mike Bloomberg and many more. His visual essays have been seen in Life, Esquire, Fortune and ESPN, among others.

Saul Leiter began experimenting with color photography in New York in the late 1940s, using slide film such as Kodachrome. The 2006 release of his first monograph, Early Color, revealed radically innovative compositions and a groundbreaking mastery of color that permanently changed the history of photography. Though Leiter sometimes defended the use of color in fine-art photography, he refused to analyze or explain his own work. “I don’t have a philosophy,” Leiter said. “I have a camera.”

Jay Maisel studied painting and graphic design at Cooper union and Yale. I love his "walking round" process and there's no better way to spend an hour than looking through his wonderful website photos. He's really best known for capturing the light, color, and gesture found in everyday life. Check out Netflix "Jay Myself."